As part of our INITIATIVE 2010: THE VOTE FOR LIBERTY, the North New Jersey Tea Party Group is happy to announce that it officially supports candidate Anna Little in her race for U.S. Congress from New Jersey's 6th congressional district!

The tea party movement in general was instrumental in Anna's upset victory during June in that district's Republican primary. We especially want to acknowledge two of the specific tea party organizations that made her victory possible: the Bayshore Tea Party and the Jersey Shore Tea Party Patriots. Excellent work, folks! One way to get involved in Anna's campaign is to get involved with these two tea party groups, which share a common Facebook group page:

FYI, New Jersey's 6th congressional district consists of all or parts of four counties: Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, and Union.

As part of our support for Anna -- the current mayor of Highlands, New Jersey -- I have personally donated $200 to her campaign, through her campaign website:

It is my hope that my personal donation inspires YOU to donate to Anna's campaign, to the extent you can afford to do so. She welcomes large donations; she welcomes Little donations. Just as a reminder, you don't have to be a voter in the 6th district to donate to her campaign, nor do you even have to be a resident of New Jersey. (To the extent you do donate, make sure to follow all applicable laws.)

Anna's opponent in the November general election is incumbent Democrat Frank Pallone, a dedicated enemy of liberty.

For example, Pallone has already voted for what would arguably the largest tax increase in U.S. history, cap-and-tax:

Also, Pallone didn't just vote for ObamaCare, he admits that he was "one of the authors" of the Democratic Party's hostile takeover of our nation's healthcare industry!

And in the "I am not making this up!" category: Frank Pallone even voted for our federal government to continue funding the voter registration fraud specialists at ACORN, after several ACORN people in multiple states had been videotaped providing help to what these people thought were a pimp and a prostitute running a child prostitution ring (but in reality were undercover journalists):

For these any many, many other reasons -- it is time to vote Frank "Not only do I support her (Nancy Pelosi), she's one of my favorite people in Washington" Pallone OUT OF OFFICE.

As far as Anna goes, we were impressed with much of what she had to say as a participant in the Congressional Candidates' Forum that we helped to co-sponsor in Toms River, New Jersey back on May 17th.

Some quotes from Anna's participation in that forum:

* We need "to restore our federal government to its constitutional limits... taxes are completely out of control."

* "Businesses [in Highlands] are over-regulated and have left the state because of the EPA and the DPA at the state level as well... the more regulations we force business to comply with, the more we drive these businesses not only out of the state, but out of the country... get rid of the EPA."

* "Climategate is validation. I do not believe there is a man-made cause to climate change. I believe it [climate change] is cyclical. I believe that's what the science proves... alternative energy will come through a free-market system in a capitalist economy..." (Note: as with all forum candidates, Anna indicated that she would support a congressional investigation into Climategate.)

All forum candidates -- including Anna -- also raised their hands to indicate that they would vote for a ONE-SENTENCE full repeal of ObamaCare.

For more, please click on the following Facebook link, which will take you to a posting that includes all the YouTube links to the Congressional Candidates' Forum, sorted by topic:

You can also follow Anna on Twitter:

In addition, check out the Facebook page for Anna's campaign:

We agree with Anna: Little Government is Good Government!

Our announced support for Anna brings to three the total number of candidates we officially support: Anna Little in NJ-6, Roland Straten in NJ-8, and Stephen Bailey in CO-2. Expect to see future announcements regarding pro-liberty candidates both inside and outside of New Jersey in the near future!!!

*** The North New Jersey Tea Party Group is the largest New Jersey-based tea party organization on Facebook in terms of members, with over 4,500 of them combined in our two group pages. ***

*** As always, feel free to pass on the above information! ***

Mark Kalinowski
North New Jersey Tea Party Group
Liberty, Free Markets, and Individual Rights
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