Local GOP Leadership to Host Fundraiser for Anna Little for Congress Tomorrow Night

HIGHLANDS, NJ, August 13 - Monmouth County Republican Chairman John Bennett & Middlesex
County Republican Chairman Samuel Thompson are hosting an evening in support of Anna Little,
candidate for New Jersey's 6th congressional district.

The evening will feature nationally recognized political commentator, author and 2010 Senate
candidate Christine O'Donnell tomorrow.

U.S. Congressional Candidate Anna C. Little Concerned Over Veterans Claim Processing Delays

HIGHLANDS, NJ, August 9th – Anna Little, candidate for the Sixth Congressional District, expresses
serious concerns over the inability of the Federal Government to properly handle and process Veterans
health care claims. Blockchain technology can help insurance companies to create smart contracts to easily track different insurance claims. As blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, crypto transactions are also easy to track. Crypto traders may check the bitqt erfahrung von kryptoszene blog to find the best crypto trading software. “Our veterans placed their lives in danger to serve our nation, and they deserve timely
claims processing and proper treatment to address their injuries and illnesses.”

U.S. Congressional Candidate Anna C. Little Issues Statement on Recent Shooting in Colorado

HIGHLANDS, NJ, July 23rd – Commenting on the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre, Anna
Little, candidate for the Sixth Congressional District said, “Our sincerest prayers go out to the families of
the victims and survivors of the senseless shooting rampage that occurred on Friday, July 20, in Colorado.
This is an example of how the delusions of one individual’s twisted mind can have tragic consequences
for the lives of so many families.”

U.S. Congressional Candidate Anna C. Little Issues Statement on the UN Gun Ban Treaty

HIGHLANDS, NJ, July 16th – Anna Little, candidate for the Sixth Congressional District here,
condemned the U.N. Small Arms Ban Treaty that lawmakers in D.C. are taking up this week.
“The U.N. has repeatedly failed to protect innocent civilians, and we have no reason to trust the
U.N.,” she said. “The United Nations anti-gun agenda has only led to mass genocide. U.N.
resolutions have failed to prevent ‘ethnic cleansing,’ murder, sexual assaults, and forced
displacement of civilians by those in authority.”

U.S. Congressional Candidate Anna C. Little Urges Her Supporters and the General Public to Help Victims of Recent Devastating Fires in Perth Amboy and Woodbridge

HIGHLANDS, NJ, July 14 - Three catastrophic fires have raged in Sixth Congressional District
municipalities over the last 6 weeks, leaving more than 200 people homeless. Sixth District
candidate, Anna Little, urges her supporters and the general public to help these displaced
families by making donations of food, baby supplies, clothing, and financial contributions.
In the early morning hours of Sunday, June 3, an electrical malfunction sparked an intense fire
that consumed several homes on Cortland Street in Perth Amboy, leaving 52 homeless and

Anna Little for Congress: South Amboy Door-to-Door Campaigning


We hope that you had a relaxing Independence Day holiday last week. We will be starting our door to door campaigning in South Amboy this Saturday.

As you know, we are a grassroots campaign, and rely on passionate citizens like yourself. We need volunteers to help educate voters into action, in order to protect our freedoms.

This all starts with you, and others like you. If you have not participated in a campaign walk, we will train you to become part of the team.

U.S. Congressional Candidate Anna C. Little Issues Statement on the Impact to American Society if PPACA is not Repealed

HIGHLANDS, NJ, July 12th – Under the guise of providing “optional” birth control services,
President Obama and his supporters in the Senate and House of Representatives, led by Harry
Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Bob Menendez, and Frank Pallone, will deny We the People's freedom to
practice religion under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly
referred to as Obamacare. By infringing this freedom, Obama and his supporters also impede
critical aid to the neediest of Americans, indeed all Americans.

Anna C. Little Runs Again for Sixth District Congressional Seat; Candidate Outlines Core Principles and Key Issues

HIGHLANDS, NJ – Republican Anna Little, former Highlands Mayor and Monmouth
County Freeholder, is running again in 2012 to represent the people of New Jersey’s
6th Congressional District. Key issues for the candidate include job creation, the repeal
of Obamacare, energy independence, and federal tax reform. According to Little,
solutions to these problems should be based on the core principles of fiscal
responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.