National Defense

The United States must maintain a superior military and be willing to use it when necessary, in line with the General Colin Powell doctrine. Military Combatant Commanders must have sufficient resources to effectively overwhelm the enemy while minimizing U.S. casualties.

We should employ quick and overwhelming military response only after all other options have been considered. All military operations must include post hostilities planning to ensure that the desired end state is realistic, achievable, and sustainable.

Many of our allies need to assume a larger role in their own defense consistent with the interests of the United States.

An act of terrorism against the United States, or its citizens, is an act of war. Terrorists are enemy combatants and should be tried in military tribunals. Anna supports common sense profiling, and other human intelligence, being utilized more broadly in eliminating our enemies.

We must ensure that the Reserve and National Guard are properly funded. Funding is needed to replace equipment worn and lost during the past decade of war. Replacement vehicles and aircraft will ensure that they are able to comprehensively and safely respond to domestic natural disasters and future contingency operations.