U.S. energy policy must rely on free market solutions rather than government regulation and heavily taxpayer subsidized alternative energy programs. The private sector can, and will, provide the leadership and initiative required to develop new energy technologies that are efficient and economically viable, providing we remove the burdensome regulations. We need a comprehensive energy policy that develops domestic energy sources in an environmentally responsible way. This should include domestic production of oil, natural gas, clean coal, and nuclear. In addition, we must aggressively invest in alternatives to fossil fuels, and commit to eliminating our reliance on foreign energy sources.

Any environmental policy must be based on proven science. Cap and Trade is essentially a power and money grab based on the false premise of “man made global climate change”. Anna will stand against any legislation based on this premise, and will oppose any similar EPA mandates.

Cap and Trade provides arbitrary exemptions to environmental regulations for some businesses, while increasing energy taxes to the American people. The focus of Cap and Trade is selective enforcement, not environmental protection. Cap and Trade creates a new speculative trading market funded by overburdened taxpayers, and is an arbitrary manipulation of energy use.

Whether through legislation or administrative regulation, any attempt to manipulate the use of energy will only serve to further hold back an already severely weakened economy, killing jobs, with no resulting benefit to our environment.