Economy, Jobs & Taxes

Government does not “create” jobs. Available jobs are a response to a need that arises from opportunity and desire for liberty, prosperity, and security. Government does not “produce” anything, it just takes, and what it takes, it takes from the people.

The more you tax something, the less you get of it. The Federal Government, by excessive borrowing, taxing, spending, and regulating is doing precisely the opposite of what should be done to allow our economy to thrive. The government needs to get out of the way of the private sector economy.

Anna supports permanent across the board tax cuts to provide relief necessary to promote economic recovery. A reduced tax burden on private sector business will result in job offers, which put Americans back to work.

Anna supports a simplification of the existing tax code with strong examination of loopholes benefiting certain taxpayers over others. Anna will give strong consideration to a flat tax, ensuring fairness toward all taxpayers without unjustly taxing the most economically vulnerable.

Implement the Fair Tax as written.

  1. I support The FairTax (HR 25). The FairTax solution is a comprehensive proposal that would eliminate all federal income tax (payroll tax), capital gains tax, and death tax. Under the FairTax, the IRS would be dismantled along with the 67,000-page tax code under which our society now labors. The entire code would be replaced with a single rate national retail sales tax, a “prebate” would be issued to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, and, through companion legislation, the 16th Amendment (income tax) would be repealed.
See: www.fairtax.org

The FairTax would unleash the private economy by eliminating all corporate taxes. Companies from all over the world would relocate to the U.S. instead of leaving our shores; domestic industry would likewise thrive.

Reckless taxing and spending has created a staggering 15 trillion dollar federal debt, and a 1.5 trillion dollar budget deficit, both of which are clearly unsustainable. Government has overstepped its bounds, and must be turned back. No more bailouts and corporate welfare; we will not borrow and spend our way to prosperity.

  1. Anna supports a balanced budget amendment and the elimination of earmarks and pork barrel spending.