The United States is a country of immigrants. A sincere and common sense immigration policy will help ensure a prosperous future. However, a country that does not secure its borders will cease to be a sovereign nation. Stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into our country is the first step in the process of regaining control of our Republic, and insuring our national security. Our borders need to be sealed to prevent incoming illegal immigrants.

Anna supports the Border Fence Act of 2006 and would vote for it's funding.

In addition, all our systems and institutions must be reformed to prohibit illegals from receiving any public services. Having these services available to illegals becomes an incentive to illegally come here, or to come here on a visa and then illegally overstay.

We must not “allow” employers to hire illegals for the benefit of “cheap labor”, and laws must be enforced to sanction employers who hire them.

Anna supports the E-Verify system and would vote for its continued funding.

Anna would not support legislation that grants “amnesty”.